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Clash of Clans Buildings Upgrade order Guide New Update

We thought of talking about how you should upgrade your village, a specific order to get the best out of your village when others will attack! Once you have level 4 on the Town Hall you will be able to upgrade the village with some air defense towers considering you will get to level 4 in the 3 days period your barrier stands. Upgrading order we recommend would be: mortars, clash of clans simple gem hack archer towers, cannons. Level them up in the same order, you can do it faster by using Clash of Clans Cheats tool on our website, it is easy, fast and easy to download the hacks to upgrade your buildings instantly. Also always upgrade your village as much as you can start with defensive ones! If your buildings are higher level they will last longer. The third advice we can give is to ask your clan for the support! Clan members can donate troops to you either to defend or to attack someone so you can always rely on clan mate’s support. Walls are another strategic construction that you must take in consideration when preparing your defense. We suggest building 2 strong layers of walls around every defensive construction you have.

Clash of Clans Troops Develop
There are 3 tiers of troops in Clash of Clans, tier 1 (barbarians, archers and goblins), tier 2 (giants, wall breakers, balloons and wizards), tier 3 (healers, dragons and P.E.K.K.As). Beside those tiered troops there are Dark Elixir Troops, Heroes and Spells which can help you to gain more artillery power! For the early levels we suggest going in with masses of tier 1 warriors, like 30 or 40 barbarians and rush others base. As you level you will encounter more challenges on the map, some that require a different tier of troops or maybe some special troops. After level 4 you will need to build some wall breakers since everybody is going to have a lot of walls paved to their defense towers or through their base. Later in-game you will face high tier defensive towers that will blow the masses you build as warriors so we’re going to have to change the tactics to less and better warrior’s as well as getting some healers for them to keep them alive as they fight the enemy!

Clash of Clans Guild Wars
Here comes the impressive part of any complex game. Guild wars consist in grouping a lot of members in a single strong unit. Leaving guilds battle over the leaderboard is the best thing that a competitive game will ever have. You can also support other clan members as I’ve said before in direct player wars. You can give those troops or help them maintain their village at their best. When it comes to a guild war you will have to share your resources and army with the rest of your guild. You fight as one, you fight for victory, and you aim for the first place in the ladders! Good luck climbing the ladders strong player! Oh wait, you don’t need no luck if you are going to use our Clash of Clans cheats and hacks online tool for resources as you are going to crush your enemies at war!

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