Minggu, 21 Agustus 2016

Features 8 Ball Pool Miniclip Games

With or Without Line Line Helper For those of you who do not like the lines that help you direct the ball into the hole provided also the tournament and match No. Guide Line.

Feature Request and Giving Coins

Well this is a new feature that we can Request Coin and Coin Gift to fellow players of this game. But if you are not in love when asking for coins should not upset you?

Stik Price Varies

Billiard clubs more expensive, the better, powerful and long Guideline her. These sticks can also be a prestige event and show off the tablets. The price of the most expensive stick this time was 6,000,000 coin. Besides, the more expensive the more expensive clubs also refill or Recharge so fair enough huh?

Random or Play With Friends

Besides being able to play against opponents from countries around the world you can play with your own friends eg Facebook friends. The difference when playing with friends then it will not get the prize coin.

Players achievement can be viewed in profile

So we can see the profile of the opponent, and vice versa, the result of our achievements will be on display in our profile. So you have often win yes if you play 8 Ball Pool hack online.

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